Love Is Hard…

As I was under a Mother Nature-imposed house arrest, I had the chance to hear my upstairs neighbours having another epic fight. I’m normally kind of a creepy people-watching eavesdropper, so naturally I turned off my music to listen.  They’re
having the fights you have when you’re relationship is circling the drain. Right now they’re still fighting for the relationship, but I would be surprised if things ended. I can hear the “doneness” in the guy’s voice, even through the floor.

Listening to these fights, I can’t help but remember that I was in the exact same situation a year ago. Even with all the Christmas joy in the air, there was a nagging feeling I had been struggling to suppress for months. We’d moved in together and things were supposed to be good. But a resentment and anger had been building ever since. And by New Year’s, I knew I had to end things (even that took a while, but that’s another blog post entirely).

After over an hour of fighting, it just got really quiet upstairs. Today, a friend of the guy’s came over and I got to overhear
something I’ve never heard before: one guy confiding in another guy about his relationship.  I knew they happened, I’ve just never been a witness to one of these conversations.

As with most of my people watching and eavesdropping, the whole experience left me very contemplative.

(My blog titles are song titles. Today’s is “Love Is Hard” by James Morrison)


3 Replies to “Love Is Hard…”

  1. Yay!!!! I’m so glad to find you again Career Girl! But now I see your name is Hilary…so hello! : )
    That’s actually a cool thing to hear…I mean the guy confiding in a friend. It’s almost like it doesn’t happen because no girls are ever privy to it!!! (If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it…)
    I’m excited to follow you again! Didn’t know you were on twitter either. Talk soon!!!!

  2. That’s hilarious, because when I was listening I totally thought “oh my god, I’m having a ‘if a tree falls in the forest’ kind of moment!”
    I’ll be keeping this blog a lot more active, so visit often Air! 🙂

  3. Summary of the conversation:
    Dude 1: Oh hey dude, so like, I’m going through troubles, man.
    Dude 2: Oh really? Like, car troubles? Computer troubles? TV TROUBLES?
    Dude 1: No man, like, wife troubles.
    Dude 2: Oh shit. I wish there was a guide for the female species.
    I’d be dumbfounded if I heard more. That said, I’m not opposed to it, I sure HOPE there are guys out there that talk about their problems in more depth than the above suggests. But until the time I am in your shoes and can turn off my music, I’ll continue believing that the guys that talk are the gay ones 🙂

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