Beast[s] of Burden…

So if you’ve come here from my Twitter account, and you’ve been following me there long enough, you’ll remember a few weeks ago, I tweeted about my house mouse.  I’ll give the back story…in my kitchen there is a utility closet, built into a wall. I used to keep my cat’s food in there, until suspicious holes started forming in the bag.  I had mouse suspicions, but nothing confirmed until I actually saw the mouse… I explained to this mouse that as long as he stayed in the walls of my suite, I would be okay.  I’m torn on this issue. On one hand, I completely understand. It’s freezing cold outside. You’re a mouse. You go to warmth. Unfortunately, there are these big giants who also appreciate the warmth and don’t appreciate sharing it with little grey rodents. And on the other hand, there’s an incredibly large ick-factor at play here. Now I own two brutal ruthless pampered housecats, so I at least have some pest protection there.  But I can’t seem to bring myself to get traps as they’re only following nature.

That is, until yesterday’s little discovery.

The pact was broken. The mice have gained new territory. I made popcorn in my air popper, and if you own one, you’ll understand when I say that some popcorn got on the floor behind the portable dishwasher. Because when I say “got on the floor” I mean, exploded in a flurry of flying kernels that usually makes me duck and cover. Yesterday morning, I noticed the floor popcorn had been pushed out from behind the dishwasher. Naturally, I placed the blame on my cats, known to be idiosyncratic freaks. But when I moved the dishwasher to clean up the popcorn, there was mouse poop galore, to the point where I actually just stood there in creeped-out shock and awe. (I committed a major blogging error by not taking pictures of this to share the horror)

So after some major vacuuming, I moved the dishwasher further away from the wall. I figure I’ll use intimidation tactics to get rid of the mice. The way I see it, I’m not quite heartless enough to kill the mice, not quite willing to catch-and-release. I’m just gonna let nature take care of this situation.

My ruthless brutal mouse assassins, you know, taking a break from all that killing…

(My blog titles are song titles. Today’s is “Beast of Burden” by the Rolling Stones)


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