Come Together…

December 18, 2009 was a momentous day. It was the 43 anniversary of the day Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” aired for 1st time on CBS. James Cameron’s new movie Avatar debuted to nerds’ delight everywhere. Nothing particularly interesting happened during the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

(See, even she’s bored!)

And I finally attended my very first #yegtweetup.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first tweetup. There’s something that almost feels backwards about having conversations and friendships with people online first, then meeting them in person second. At least, that was how things worked in my life B.T. (before Twitter). Now it feels odd to be friends with someone who isn’t at least on Facebook.

The only person I knew in real life was Jerry (@ZoomJer on Twitter) and I didn’t have anyone to drag along as a human security blanket.  Luckily, I’ve been thrown in the “you know no one at this party, now go and be social” situation many times, so I’m quite practiced. Being able to converse without a 140 character limit was so freeing. 😉 There were a lot of people there, so I didn’t get to talk to as many people as I would have liked. On the whole, it was really wonderful to meet people in person (I say that like it’s a new concept).

Also I feel I must address two things that arose at the #yegtweetup. Firstly, though we share a last name, @jdarrah and I are not related. Though, we likely share a cousin somewhere in the family tree. It’s not like Darrah is a common last name. Secondly, there are many unsubstantiated rumors that it was me who chased off the Original Joe’s magician. I will neither confirm nor deny these accusations…

(I think I may have seriously bruised his ego…oops!)

I want to give a big thanks to @ZoomJer and @GuitarKat for organizing, and thanks to Original Joe’s Varsity for hosting. (I also found two of the OJ’s staff  on Twitter, @trevolutions and @JBerrygun.)

(@achromatica and I finally met in person!)

Meeting all the awesome people behind the Twitter names only helped to reinforce my deep love for all things Twitter related. I cannot wait for the next tweetup!

For more photos, check out @ZoomJer’s photo album on Facebook or check out @Alexglee’s Flickr album.

(My blog titles are song titles. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, today’s is “Come Together” by the Beatles)


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