Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas…

I have never been less interested in Christmas in my entire life.

(My Christmas spirit vs. My neighbour’s Christmas spirit)

Actually, that’s not true. This year is the second crappiest Christmas, with the first being the year I worked at Below the Belt in West Edmonton Mall. Nothing kills holiday spirit like cranky, stressed shoppers, a commercialized Christmas, and Mariah Carey’s Christmas album on repeat. The final death blow that year was having to work the fitting room station on Boxing Day. But I digress…

I’m not gonna turn this into a “woe-is-me” post, but lately my life has been less than satisfying. I’m frustrated with my lack-of-job situation, and incredibly sad about certain things in my personal life. So my Christmas spirit tank is running on empty.

But it’s not just me.

I’ve had many conversations with friends and family, and I’m surprised that there’s just a prevailing attitude of “meh” when it comes to Christmas this year. I figure the fault lies with one of two things: either it’s the recession or H1N1.

For me, I’ve decided to focus on my usual Christmas traditions. Watch It’s A Wonderful Life, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and the original How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Bake and decorate cookies. Consume boxes of Toffifee. And spend as much time with family as possible.

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas this year, surrounded by all the things that make their Christmases wonderful!

(My blog titles are song titles. Today’s is obviously an “oldie but goodie”, but the version I love is by the amazing Canadian jazz pianist, Oscar Peterson)


2 Replies to “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas…”

  1. And again…you’ve spoken my thoughts exactly!!! (Now not necessary for me to post this, lol)
    Seriously, I feel so blah…work is not near as satisfying as it once was. In fact, it’s downright frustrating and now often depressing. Is your contract up with the police? I don’t even have up one Xmas decoration either…in fact, you’re beating me with your seasonal doodles!!!
    It’s a strange thing, because I look at my overall situation at this time and feel really guilty for complaining…I know a lot of less fortunate people would trade places with me in a second. I don’t know…is it ok to always want more?
    BTW, the twitter thingy looked cool!

  2. We always seem to be in the exact same place, it’s seriously freaky!
    Yeah, my contract with the police ended in November, so I’ve been unemployed since then.
    My seasonal doodle is my only Christmas decoration. I haven’t even done any baking, which I usually love to do. And I totally agree with you, my overall situation isn’t that bad. I have a roof over my head, lots of food in my kitchen, enough money that I can afford to be unemployed for at least 3 months. But I just can’t seem to get happy this year.
    I think it’s okay to always want more, as that’s what kind of tends to drive most of us. As long as you always appreciated the more important stuff (family). If I didn’t have my family, none of what I do have would really matter at all.
    And the Twitter thing was lots of fun! You have all these conversations with people, and then you meet them in person. You have this idea about what they’ll be like, and then you meet them.

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