Next Year, Baby…

I realize it’s a little early for a New Year’s resolution post, but it only speaks to my eagerness to put this year behind me. I’ve compiled a few lists, including my 2009 Con list for your reading schadenfreude below:

  1. Spent the first half of the year trying to figure out if I wanted to fight for or give up on my 5-year relationship. Major depression.
  2. Had to put down our family cat. He was 17 years old. My sister and I held him as I went. I’m haunted by his final moments still.
  3. Had a birthday. Most friends forgot.
  4. Went with the latter option from #1 and ended things on July 7th. We were living together. Hardest decision I’ve ever made.
  5. Met a great guy. Or so I thought. After a few weeks, he reached into my chest, ripped out my heart, jumped up and down on it, then stuffed it back in. But you know, still wants to be friends.
  6. Got sick. Somehow contracted a staph infection, but not just any staph infection, the superbug staph infection (MRSA). Missed over a week of work. Had no sick time, so my savings account was decimated.
  7. Cancer finally hit my family.
  8. Had to end a long-time friendship (see “Give Up Giving In”)
  9. Lost my job.
  10. Car accident. Car may or may not be written off.
  11. There are still 3 days left in 2009. That’s plenty of time for something else bad to happen.

 2009 Pro List:

  1. After putting down the family cat, I happened to see a stray kitten in my front yard. I rescued him from the -30 C temperature, nursed him back to health, and gave him to my parents as the new family cat (his name is Oliver Twist).
  2. Though the break-up mentioned in #4 on the Con list was hard, I know that I made the best decision for both of us.
  3. Got my first car…it’s bittersweet to write that though.
  4. Inherited some money. Was able to pay off my student line of credit and two credit cards.
  5. With the money from #4, I was also able to finally afford a Macbook (after years of being an Apple groupie).
  6. I got to my goal weight (albeit, likely more due to stress/sickness than healthy living).
  7. There are still 3 days left in 2009. That’s plenty of time for something else good to happen.
My furry rescue project

So after all of that, I feel like I should list the things in 2010 I’m looking forward to so far:

  1. I have tickets to 5 concerts already: ESO in January, Hawksley Workman on March 14, Jamie Cullum (in Vancouver) on March 20, Muse on March 29, John Mayer on April 4. If you look at a calendar, those last 4 concerts fall on consecutive weekends. Plus two of those artists are my absolute favourite. I think I could die happy after that month.
  2. I turn 25 two days after the John Mayer concert. Oddly looking forward to it, maybe because the first quarter century was so mentally and physically draining.
  3. My first “wedding-free” summer in 5 years. Finally I don’t have to worry about buying wedding presents and new dresses. Wait, I like that last part.

To summarize in the true spirit of New Year’s resolutions, which are filled with hope and optimism, this may have been one of the worst years of my life. But it’s over and finished. There’s nothing I can do to change what has already happened. But I can learn from my trials and tribulations, and take the lessons to the next year, filled with hope.
Desperate hope…

(My blog posts are song titles. This one is called “Next Year, Baby” by my second favourite musician, Jamie Cullum! Great lyrics and great jazz…T minus 86 days until I see him again!!)


3 Replies to “Next Year, Baby…”

  1. Great post. I sense optimism!!! I wonder if anyone can call 2009 a great year?Going to download some Jamie Cullum…I’m not familiar.
    Hope your holidays were relaxing!!!

  2. That’s quite a year, but at least you survived it! 2010 can’t help but to be a better year now that all that stuff is in the past.
    Some years I feel like a boxer and it’s Mike Tyson in the ring against me. I think you had two of him that round!

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