Gimme More [Tweet-ups]…

So last Saturday I had the awesome pleasure of attending not one, but TWO tweet-ups. For any of my non-Twitter-lingual readers, a tweet-up is when people on Twitter meet up (get it now?).

My first part of the night started at Brewsters in Oliver Square for #yeggno, or Girls’ Night Out. Organized by @justNicki, it was an awesome collection of more than 20 kick ass Twitter femmes.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone, but I have a feeling there will be many more Girls’ Night Out gatherings in the future. My friend, Kelly (or @lalondek if you’re on Twitter), took some pictures. Here’s a few, but I’ll be narcissistic and post more of me than anyone else!

My highlight of this first party was definitely when the waitress brought two free shots to the table. The manager thought our giant table was a birthday party, so he sent over the drinks. Ee (@kabluey) and I happily did the shots and I tweeted about it. Thanks to smart phones, the women at the other end of the table saw, and the entire group spontaneously sung me happy birthday, to my absolute embarrassment! They also sang it for Liz (@stygldnpnyby), and I think one other person after I left. It was an awesome time and I can’t wait for the next round, hopefully I’ll be able to get to talk to more women!

And because I’m a very important person (with many leather-bound books in a room that smells of rich mahogany…), I jetted off to the next party I was expected at, after a quick meal and drink at Brewsters.

Kelly, Genoa (@GenoaK), Evan (@eadnams)and myself all headed back across the river to Original Joes’ Varsity for #yegRoma, which was a tweetup fundraiser for my friend Roma’s (@achromatica) charity, CAMTA.  The charity raises funds for orthopedic
surgeries in Ecuador, which Roma will be visiting as a translator. As I’m a charity case myself these days, I wasn’t able to donate any money. My donations came in the form of bone-shaped sugar cookies.

In addition to fundraising, #yegRoma was all about Rockband. My favourite part of the night was when we put on Beatles Rockband. The first song (I was playing bass and singing – I’m incredibly talented musically) was Eight Days A Week, and I swear almost the entire bar was singing along. So much fun! In the end Roma nearly doubled her minimum required amount, with about 80% being raised through social media.

Since joining Twitter, I’ve suddenly developed a real social life….who knew that would happen (because I certainly didn’t think it would be me!) I had a blast at both parties and I can’t wait for the next one!

(My blog titles are song titles. This one is “Gimme More” by Britney Spears…yeah, I said Britney Spears. Shut up and stop judging me, the people who write her songs are geniuses!)


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