Take A Bow…

The tweet-up frenzy from December and January seems to have taken a bit of a cold shower lately, which is almost a relief to those with, you know, a life outside of Twitter. (Who are THOSE people anyway? Clearly they have the wrong priorities!)

So I found a free day in February and created #yegSings. In my previous life, I spent a lot of time at karaoke bars (how seedy to I sound by admitting that?) In my vast embarrassing experience in these bars, I found the best song selection was at B-Street Bar, 11818-111 Avenue.

Though I have enthusiasm for karaoke, I wasn’t sure how many other people would be interested. However, I was completely blown away by the attendance! I reserved enough tables for 30 people but before the singing even started at 9:30, they were completely filled. I stopped counting after 10 but we easily had more than 40 people stop by.

After much encouragement by Trevor/@trevolutions and Sherree/@shrelmer, I submitted my song. Which was less of an opportunity for me to “sing” and more of an opportunity for me to “rap”. My go-to song is always the 90’s classic “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa. Please tell me you know it, I’d hate to have to get all gangsta on you…

So I noticed a few things, mainly that this was not a normal tweetup. First of all, it wasn’t at Original Joe’s Varsity, and I don’t know if the locale change affected people’s socializing. I noticed a lot of people sat, rather than mingled. I’m not sure if it was the karaoke, or people had long days and just wanted to drink and sit.

Second, there were a lot of tweetup virgins, which was great. As I watched the names on the RSVP list, I noticed a lot of people who I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet. I was really happy to see all the fresh newbs and I hope that more of them come out to future events.

Third, it felt different from previous tweetups and I enjoyed the different vibe. It wasn’t about business, networking, or raising
funds (not that either of those are negative reasons for gathering). It was just about people, bonding over music sung both well and badly.

(Jerry and Scott sang “Endless Love”. Jerry was Diana Ross and Scott was Lionel Ritchie)

Sadly, there were also more people than I had time to meet/chat with, which is why there will definitely be a  #yegSings2 in the next few months.

A huge thanks goes to B-Street (thought they didn’t like the idea of us using their wi-fi) for hosting and for all of you who were able to attend. I also want to thank Jerry/@ZoomJer and Lea/@lealea for taking photos! (Jerry’s album, Lea’s album)

(My blog titles are song titles. This one is “Take A Bow” by Muse, who I will see live in my Month of Music Mayhem…explanatory post to come, stay tuned!)


3 Replies to “Take A Bow…”

  1. It’s a good thing there’s no clips, I’m better experienced in-person (wait, is it just me or does that sound kinda dirty?)
    Glad you came out, Tyson, and yes next time don’t double-book your night!
    Hope to see both of you at #yegSings2!

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