So I have a little confession for you…I haven’t been a Muse fan for very long. I’d heard of them, but never really checked them out before. And then someone announced the tour dates, which included an Edmonton stop. And the people of Twitter (and many of my Facebook friends) all freaked the heck out! So I thought to myself there must be something to this band, and I went and downloaded “Black Holes and Revelations”. I don’t really know why I selected that specific album to download, but I’m so glad I did. There are few albums I can listen to from the first song to the last, without skipping at least one song. Some of my favourite artists even have a few duds on their albums. But I can listen to Black Holes and Revelations in its entirety.

So I bought tickets to Muse before really listening to them much. But I’m definitely glad I did. What. A. Show! I’ve never really been to many rock concerts but that one certainly set the bar for future rock concerts.

They had great stage presence, and weren’t lost in a lot of unnecessary special effects. I loved the lasers, the three towers the band played in, and the eyeball balloons filled with confetti. The sound was pretty good too, for a show at Rexall Place. The crowd was also really great, there was a pretty good energy down in the mosh pit of general admission floor (or as I like to call it “pay lots of money to look at the back of tall assholes’ heads”).


The only thing that made me a little disappointed was the lack of audience interaction. Besides the obligatory “how you doing Edmonton?” (and a
“Canada is better than the United States”) there was nothing. Maybe it’s because I’m a little jazz girl at heart, but I like a little patter in between songs. Tell us a story. Tell us a joke. Give us something that no other
city is going to get from you. Is that too much to ask for?


But this was truly an utterly AMAZING concert! I’m so glad I took a risk and bought tickets, even in the squishy mosh pit, I had an incredible time!


If you’ve been following my Month of Music blog posts, you’ll notice I tend to bring up my Top 3 concerts. Muse has officially claimed third place, bumping Mr. John Mayer to fourth. I’m probably going to get hatemail for writing this, but it just wasn’t good enough to top my experiences at Jamie Cullum concerts (this may also have a lot to do with the fact that I pretty much breathe his music). I honestly don’t expect anything to ever top those performances. The battle in my Top 3 list will always be for third, until I see Jamie for a third time…

And so I now have 5 days to prepare myself for John Mayer. Let’s see if the mighty Muse can be usurped by the phenomenally talented d-bag who makes PR professionals #facepalm every time he opens his mouth.

(My blog titles are song titles. Today’s is “Hysteria” by Muse, big shocker that I’d use a Muse song to name this blog, I know. So predictable…)


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