One More Time…

After the success of my first tweetup, a karaoke party known affectionately as #yegSings, I knew the glory must be recaptured.

It wasn’t.

But we came close!

First, we were working against the calendar. It was held on the first Saturday of May and with it’s proximity to Mother’s Day, there were a lot of people who couldn’t make it.

Second, a televised display of homoerotic sweaty grinding and awkward touching also happened to be the same night and unfortunately playing at B-Street Bar, the location of our karaoke merriment. (In case my accurate description isn’t clear enough, I’m referring to UFC and other octagonal manly displays of manliness)

Third, because of the aforementioned fight, we weren’t able to book any tables, which led to the group sharing one table (which only sat about 10 people).

Fourth, I picked B-Street because they have the best song selection I have ever encountered at a karaoke bar. But I’m not the only person who’s on to that tidbit of information, so at best, people only ever get to sing one of their songs the entire night. Which, in my opinion, is not good at all!

That said, it was still a fun night! Overall, about 30 people attended the tweetup, including a few new people who I haven’t met until tonight: Chris/@shorelinegold and his girlfriend, Sarah/@shininghappy, and Rene/@rainyfool
and his wife Kari/@karimeyer.

Now that there have been two #yegSings, I will be upping the ante for the third one. Keep your eyes open for tweets of a bigger better #yegSings3!

(My blog titles are song titles. This one is the classic Daft Punk song, “One More Time”!)


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