Love Me Do…

So it’s been a while since I last blogged…oops! Moving on to pressing matters…

On June 23, @mykidsmom383 found one of my weak spots…she tweeted that she needed help with kittens. Being a crazy cat lady, as most of my friends know, I couldn’t say no. Armed with my kennel cage, a string toy, can of tuna, and gardening gloves (kitten claws hurt!), I drove to her house and we caught two kittens. She knew there was another one but we couldn’t find it. A couple weeks later, she caught the remaining TWO kittens (found another one hiding) and somehow I truly became the crazy lady with SIX cats in my house. Fully embracing my new life as the lady whose clothing is always covered in cat fur and smells of Eau-de-Cat-Pee, I named these foster kittens in the same way hurricanes are named – alphabetically. Thus, I ended up with Alfie, Betty, Charlie, and Daisy (after some entertainingly awkward checks to determine gender)

I was originally fostering them for a couple friends who I thought would take them but those plans fell through. And an unfortunate side-effect of fostering kittens for 6 weeks is you start to get attached to them. Thankfully, my parents are taking one of them. I’m uncharacteristically hopeful that I can give them to friends, or at least friends of friends, who I know will give them the love and care they need.

So please please PLEASE, if you know of anyone who would like a kitten, send them this link to check out the kittens. By my guesstimate, they’re about just over 3 months old. I’ve also got lots of pictures on Flickr of Alfie and of Charlie and Daisy, if you’d like to see more.


The male from the first half of the rescue litter. Don’t be fooled by that innocent little pink nose, he is a little rambunctious ball of energy. Feisty and fearless, he is never afraid to try anything (actually, he is afraid of the “hand-monster” – my fingers moving like a spider). Very talkative, always meows to express his opinion on things. He’s definitely the leader of the pack. When he’s not chasing a laser pointer or beating up his siblings, he’s sleeping next to you and purring his heart out. And when he’s really happy, he bleats at you. I’d highly recommend he go to a home that has at least another cat or dog.


Charlie is my little goofball. The male of the second half of my foster litter, he is a little sweetheart. Incredibly affectionate, loves licking your hand. He purrs when I come home and say “hello” (what, you don’t talk to your pets?). He loves being held and his weak spot is the back of his neck, scratching there makes him purr every time. He’s completely unaware of the fact that a lot of the time, the end of his tongue is sticking out, much to my continuous enjoyment. Playful but cuddly, talkative but not too much. A total food scavenger, he has no qualms about taking your food from you when you’re not looking (or frankly, even ARE looking!) Good with other cats for sure, not noticeably independent like Alfie, so he might do better in a home with pets.


My little sweetheart. Shy and quiet. But definitely loves me. When I come home from work, she’s usually the first one to purr. Likes to cuddle with me. Doesn’t say much and doesn’t get into much trouble. If you want to hear her meow, just crack open a can of cat food and listen to her squeaks! She’s obviously used to other kitties, I while think she’d be completely fine on her own as queen of your home, she might come out of her little shell for you quicker if there was another cat around. She just needs someone to love and love her back.

Taking care of these little creatures has been challenging but so rewarding. I’ve found that with pets, you tend to get back more than you put in, in terms of love dividends. If you or anyone you know is looking for a little furry friend, please let me know. My email is hahdarrah[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any questions. Thanks!

(My blog titles are song titles. Today’s is “Love Me Do” by these obscure and barely known band called the Beatles.)


One Reply to “Love Me Do…”

  1. Ha ha… :p I have a shit ton of Beatles stuff….
    Anyways, I’ll talk to David, my bf to discuss this. We’ve always wanted to take in a kitten and since I’ll be around most of the day working at home… would be nice.
    DM me on Twitter for contact info.

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