The More I See You…

Last night, my sister, brother’s girlfriend, and myself drove to Calgary to see Michael Buble. And frankly, that’s a whole lotta effort for someone whose concerts leave something to be desired.

This is my second experience with Michael, I first saw him in Edmonton on January 17, 2008. He put on a good show. Because Michael has a finely perfected predictable formula.

What you always get: strong vocals, witty patter, and a fantastic band backing him up. His voice is absolutely golden through his
entire 2 hour show. He has a hilarious sense of humour, which makes his patter endlessly entertaining (there was an very rehearsed moment when his band encouraged him to do a Michael Jackson impression, which he did pretty well). And he has a solid band, including a fantastic 9-piece brass section.

But this is what I want: different arrangements, genuine spontaneity, and something extra. For crap’s sake, Michael, these are jazz STANDARDS you’re singing. Play around a little, have fun with it. If I can hum along with the brass solos because they’re 100% identical to the solos you recorded on the CD, you’re doing it wrong.

And maybe I’m feeling entitled but I always want to leave a concert knowing I got to see something that no one else will see. Either a new song, new solo, new arrangement, new story from the performer, ANYTHING to make me know that my experience was unique. It makes me feel like I’m getting something for my money. In this case $100 for nosebleeds was absolute crap, considering that’s what I paid for floor seats to see him the first time.

I always get the impression that as much as Michael is a jazz musician, he’s also very much aware that a lot of his fans don’t know anything about jazz and just love his dreeeaaaamy romannnntic love songs.

Hilary’s Project 365 – Picture 003

This picture of obviously of the Michael Buble concert. It also represents two things: the first time I’ve been to Pengrowth Stadium in Calgary and the first time I’ve ever settled for nosebleed seats. I will never let someone else buy the tickets again!













(My blog titles are song titles. Today’s is “The More I See You” covered by Michael Buble.)


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