Project 365, Picture 6 & 7

So my sixth picture for Project 365 is of my online ticket for my new favourite band, Arcade Fire. Saw people raving about them on Twitter, so I decided to check them out and fell in love. They’re not coming to Edmonton so I’ll be roadtripping down like I did for Michael Buble this past week. I also couldn’t find anyone to come with me, so this will mark the first time I go to a concert alone. But I don’t ever want to let being alone hold me back from trying things that are more “coupley”, like movies, restaurants, or concerts. I’ve always been more comfortable being alone than with other people. I’m incredibly excited for this concert!

My seventh picture is of one of my foster kittens, Charlie. I took him to the vet to get checked for ear mites, and as you can see in the picture, he’s less than impressed about having fluids put down his ears. Luckily his sister and my two cats both helped lick the medicine off his ears (ewww).


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