As I write this now, I know that twelve hours ago I was screaming my heart out at the silhouette of the Lady GaGa.

What. A. Concert!

I’ve been to my fair share of concerts, this past year alone, and she has definitely raised the bar. If you’ve read any of my concert
reviews (will I get in trouble with anyone for calling my blog posts reviews?) My “recipe” analogy; every concert usually has the same ingredients and it’s the amounts and combination of those ingredients that either makes it edible or a steaming pile of crap that you’re forced to eat while sobbing MAKE IT STOP…

So GaGa’s ingredients were fresh, so fresh they were from January (if you were there, you’d totally get that line – if you weren’t, well too bad; I’m not going to explain). I honestly don’t even know where to start!

Her vocals were amazing! I’m always in awe when someone can sing (well) and dance (in heels of course), which she definitely proves she can. And when she sat at the piano for a couple slow songs, I was genuinely surprised at how strong her voice still was.

The set was spectacular, I think there were five set changes: a piano taxicab, train, pyrotechnic blood fountain, the giant monster, and the encore’s set. All perfectly capturing the pure theatrical spectacle we all paid good money to see.

The fashion was to.die.for! Loved how so over the top it was; I just sat back, and took it all in. I’ve never been to a real fashion show (sorry but Western Canadian Fashion Week, formerly Edmonton Fashion Week, is hardly a real fashion show – more like a parade of bad Home-Ec creations) but this kind of haute couture was enough to make my heart pound faster.

(This was my ensemble. I don’t have enough hair for a hair-bow, so I went with bow hair band…that’s close, right?)

I absolutely loved this show; just sorry I didn’t have a better camera than my iPhone. If you want to see some awesome pictures, check out my friend’s blog: Workhorses and Show Ponies

Now I feel like I need to get something off my chest…

I love music; I think all of it has something to offer. Not
personally liking a particular style does not make the music less important, it
just means it doesn’t appeal to you.

Someone (who will remain nameless – let’s call him Old
Codger) tweeted to someone I follow something that really annoyed me. Old
Codger’s reply (which given his age, was also likely similar to what he thought of Madonna in the 1980’s) was not linked her tweet, which prompted this ridiculous reply (I’m refraining from thinking less of him because he doesn’t know how to do that), however, this is exactly what he said “Its Lady Ga Ga… you have to expect blatant crude sex with her, that’s her primary talent. Sex sells, her songs dont” I tried to fiercely defend her but I couldn’t get Twitter working for me when I was inside Rexall, so instead I bring my rant to my blog and my tens of readers…

I would be willing to place money on the fact that Old Codger not only couldn’t name a Lady GaGa (I’m forced to refrain yet again from thinking less because he couldn’t even spell her name correctly) song, he wouldn’t even know one if he heard it. His tweet was likely based on a picture he saw of her. And “sex sells, her songs don’t”? Really? I’m fairly certain that her songs do sell, and that women aren’t buying her album only because we find her sexually appealing. Britney Spears relied on her sexuality/”virginity” to sell her records. She had a stage mom push her into show-biz, can’t sing, and doesn’t write any of her own music. Lady GaGa is not some product for a music studio to sell; she has a killer voice, plays real instruments, writes her songs (music and lyrics), and has an amazing avant garde fashion sense. Reading interviews with her (such as the latest one with Vanity Fair) show she clearly has a brain and is using it. In her entire concert, she promoted that fact that we should love ourselves for who we are inside and out.

Frankly, I’m tired of seeing people’s opinions on things when they know next to nothing about it – cough cough, airport debate, cough cough. Oh I’m sorry, is this a snap judgment on a photo you saw or just regurgitation of something you overheard in the line at Wal-Mart…

All I’m trying to say is this: Lady GaGa knew she wanted to be a superstar, and in the face of continuous rejections and insults, she clearly triumphed. She has never pretended to be something (a virgin – yes, I’m looking at YOU Britney) and she encourages us to be ourselves. She’s smart and talented, and shouldn’t be reduced to some ignorant sex object just because she wears fantastic – albeit tiny – costumes on stage.

Fin, my little monsters…

(My blog titles are song titles. Today’s is clearly a Lady GaGa song from her newest album. Also, my Project 365 picture is the first picture in this post)


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