Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Photos…

Okay so I have no pictures for August 27, August 29-31. The short version of that story is that for August 27 I just forgot, and for the other days I was in a funk (slight depression?) and frankly didn’t feel like taking pictures. So instead I will quickly give you a mental picture of those days.

August 27, 2010: Last day at my temp job. I hate being a receptionist, I hate having to small talk, I hate being constantly interrupted with inane things…so as you can see I do not miss it. I met my friends for dinner and a movie (The Switch, a typical Jennifer Aniston rom-com but Jason Bateman was her co-star and made it infinitely better). Should have taken a picture of the food I had, because it was wonderful!

August 29, 2010: Went to my parent’s house for my weekly dinner. Brought Daisy over for some people interaction so she’d stop being so shy. It worked and she slept/cuddled with my dad all night. Should have taken a picture of Daisy cuddling with my dad.

August 30, 2010: Got lots of sleep, went grocery shopping, cleaned my kitchen (way overdue – trust me you would not want to see the pictures of what I cleaned out of the fridge). Should have taken a picture of the kitchen disaster, as a before and after shot.

August 31, 2010: More sleep, met my friend Erin for window shopping and dinner at Moxies. Should have taken a picture of the bellini I had, because I think Moxies makes the best bellini’s and they’re one of my favourite girly drinks.

So there you go, Picture 13, 15, 16, and 17 are now in your head. Sort of.


One Reply to “Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Photos…”

  1. Moxies does make the best bellinis!!!!!!! I’ve ALWAYS said that.
    How are you doing? It’s Ariana…I have suspended my blog because… I just didn’t feel like blogging! lol, lame, I know.
    Hope you’re doing well!

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