Back Again…

So here’s the catch-up post I alluded to in my Canada Post post (tell me you didn’t just giggle reading “post post” in your head).

First and freakin’ foremost, I finally found a job. Not a temporary reception job. Not a soul-crushing retail job. A real PR job!

I’m working for a company called Cybera as their Communications Officer. It’s a lot of writing, which is fantastic, and I’ve been thrown into it with not a lot of guidance. My boss works in Calgary so most days I sit alone in my office, with no human interactions, with the exception of iChat with my Calgary coworkers and Twitter (of course). The independence and trust here is such a contrast to any other office experience I’ve ever had. I love it and I’m so excited to be working in PR again. I was without permanent PR employment for exactly one week short of a year, and I think a lot of the posts I wrote (and the ones I didn’t write – the “silence” and gaps between posts is equally telling of how I was feeling) reflected that. But I’m looking forward to this next stage of my life, and seeing where it takes me.

I definitely want to address the fact that there is no way I would have gotten this job without Twitter. At every stage, whether it was virtual hugs before an interview or help reworking my cover letter (@agrabia), resume (@nutsandgum), or even hearing about jobs through Twitter, the #yeg community was completely there for support. My words are not doing a very good job in expressing how much I absolutely love you all for helping me!

So with a new job, comes a pay cheque. And with a pay cheque comes a move. It started when a mouse ended up in my fridge, through a pizza box. I think it was when I was cleaning mouse sh!t on the inside of my fridge when I realized that it was time to leave behind the basement. It was good for me for a while, but I need more space and more light. And less mice. Through a Facebook status about my mouse situation, a friend offered me her place because she was moving in with her boyfriend. And I took it! So November 26th is my move-in day. I’ve never moved in the winter before. This could be interesting…and a future blog post!

Next on my catch-you-up list is HOLY CRAP HILARY HAS HER OWN DOMAIN. I thought it was time. So I moved my blog over here. Not everything came over perfectly, and I’m still in the process of fixing pictures and the text formatting. But I’m really excited to have my own site and my brand new blog.

(My blog titles are song titles. Today’s is “Back Again” by the wonderful Edmonton singer-songwriter Chloe Albert, who I met at MacEwan many years ago. Listen to her music and then buy her CD!)


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