Happy Birthday To Meeeeeee…

Today is a very special day for me, it’s my birthday. My blog’s birthday actually, but it’s almost as exciting to me as my own birthday. Now I don’t want to steal any thunder from my upcoming New Year’s post, so this won’t be a post where I reflect on what has happened in my life in the past year. This is the post where I discuss things like:


I would never refer to myself as a quitter. Or a drop out, shirker, or flake. I like to think of myself as maybe a bit of a magpie…look something SHINY!

From the half-filled diaries to half-completed scrapbooks, I’d say I’m really great at starting projects, not so great with finishing them. Tons of enthusiasm and energy for getting things started, but as time passes I become less interested (ahem – see my “Project 365“). The shiny new toy is less shiny and then there’s all these other shiny things I’d really rather be playing with. It’s been a constant battle for me.

Blogging has been no exception. Given the fact I consider myself to be a writer, I was late to the blog game, as my very first blog was only started in 2008. I stopped blogging after about 6 months (joining many other projects in project-limbo). And then last year, after one of the most difficult years of my life (up until that point; the subsequent year trumped it – more on that in my New Year’s post) I felt inspired to write again. And wouldn’t you know, I actually stuck with it. There were a few gaps here and there but I have maintained a moderate amount of activity, to my own shock and awe.

So Happy 1st Birthday, My Thoughts Exactly. You’ve been an outlet for many things for me over the past year, and I embrace our next year and all the things it may bring for both of us.

(This blog title is not a song title. Actually, I guess it kind of is, if you count the “Happy Birthday” song. Okay, this blog title is sort-of technically a song title, though I originally was going to rebel and break free from the song title mold for this post.)


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