Crazy For You…

So it’s that time of year for me. It’s an anniversary that is impossible to forget. It was two years ago today that I decided, “hey what the hell, I’ll check out this Twitter thing”. And somehow it’s become something really important to me.

Yes, I’ll confidently admit to the tens of you reading this post that Twitter – the oft-maligned place for someone to post what they’re eating – has become an important part of my life.

In a year, both everything and nothing has changed.

I originally signed up for it to read the news and from there it evolved into the website equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. I call it that because there are ten spectacular reasons I love Twitter all packed into one handy pocket-sized device that goes with me everywhere (my iPhone):

  1. It is a perfect way to kill time.
  2. It consistently provides entertaining information (mostly just cat videos)
  3. It gives me the opportunity to have random conversations
  4. Which usually leads to making new friends
  5. Which then leads to a new social life for me
  6. It helps me hear about events happening in Edmonton
  7. It gives me all the news and current events info I want
  8. It helps me connect to new music, musicians, and concerts
  9. It gives me opportunities to network
  10. And it helped me find work, both regular and freelance opportunities

I went a little more depth regarding this list in my first anniversary post, Cheers Darlin’. My love for Twitter has only grown deeper.

I think my favourite outcome since joining Twitter has been all the amazing people I’ve met along the way. I’ve made some fantastic friendships, and met some wonderful people who I never would have met had it not been for Twitter. I can’t talk highly enough about them all!

My anniversary stats for March 3 are: 607 following, 1315 followers, and 6095 tweets. I wonder what next year’s will look like?

As cotton is the traditional gift for a 2nd year anniversary, I’m going to celebrate by going shopping for the first time in over a month.

(My blog titles are song titles. This one is “Crazy For You” by Adele, who recently released her second album 21, which is awesome but not the album this particular song is from.)


5 Replies to “Crazy For You…”

  1. I got started on twitter because I wanted to stalk comic book creators thought it would be an interesting outlet for my creativity. And by creativity, I mean making horribly offensive jokes talking about sandwiches.anted it to. Picture

  2. “anted it to. Picture” indeed, B.

    I’m just in it for the dick jokes. Anything else is just incidental, and there just happens to be a lot of “anything else.”

      1. I thought that’s what you meant by “give each other the business”. You don’t have to be so repetitive and redundant and repetitive and redundant.

  3. I am not on Facebook. And I wasn’t on twitter either, until Adam Rozenhart was sitting around my living room one afternoon and made me an account because he said I would like it.

    He was right!

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