I’ll Be Waiting…

Great news, fashionistas! It looks like by the fall of this year, Toronto Bay stores will start carrying Topshop (and Topmen) brand clothing. For those not in the know, Topshop is a British clothing store that has been around since the early 60’s. It’s in more than 20 different countries, but only recently started opening standalone stores in North America. While shopping in the T dot isn’t always an option for us prairie girls, you can order online at Topshop.com. I haven’t purchased anything from their site before, so I can’t speak to the shipping times or experience. I’ll likely be waiting until this brand hits Southgate.

By the time fashion trends trickle over to Canada, they’re usually about two years behind New York or Europe. I’m just looking forward to different shopping options, and I’m more and more impressed with the way The Bay is trying to stay current by bringing in new brands and designers. Free People, Pink Tartan, BCBG, and Juicy Couture (as tacky as they usually are) are all injecting a freshness to The Bay’s formerly dated and frumpy style. Sears and their elastic-waist, tapered Mom jeans should take note, for their own survival!

(My blog titles are song titles. This is “I’ll Be Waiting” from Adele’s new album, 21. Check. It. Out. NOW!)


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