The Go Getter…

Plans. From birth we’re exposed to them. Our parents planned for us, started RESPs for us, and picked our schools for us. And when we hit high school, and our teachers and parents tell us to start planning for university, to take the correct streams of classes to ensure we have the course and grade requirements needed, so we can achieve the answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. Then we pick the correct courses to get to the dream job. Then marry the dream guy/girl, buy a big house, have 1.8 kids and schedule our lives to the last minute, filling it with things like work, or taking our kids to their extracurricular activities. SO MUCH STRUCTURE!

Never ever ever EVER having been a Type A person, I consider myself a very contented Type B. I have never known what I wanted to be when I “grow up”, and frankly still don’t. I’ve also never been a “numbers” girl. The type who set goals for their ages, like being married by 25, or having 2 kids by 30. Who then absolutely panic when that shockingly doesn’t pan out. I’ve set goals for myself, such as marriage, kids, career, travel, but I’ve never found a reason to set it to a linear timeline. Because in my life, things have never worked that way. I mean, you’ve heard the phrase “mortals plan, and the gods laugh”, right?

In high school, my obvious strengths were the humanities, especially English. I applied for a History/Classics degree at the U of A, and was even accepted. But I just happened to find out, accidentally, about a new course at MacEwan called Professional Writing and enrolled. In my last year of PROW, I still didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career, until I had one class in my last semester that introduced me to Public Relations writing. So off I enrolled again. And so entirely by fluke, I found PR which I’m pretty sure will be my career (for at least a little while – my generation is supposed to have something like three different careers in their lifetimes).

The most memorable parties I’ve ever attended have just been random nights (of awesomeness) where the right people just happened to come together to create it. I can say that New Year’s, Halloween, or my birthday have never gone on “Hilary’s Most Bitchin’ Parties EVER” list.

In all my relationships, all of the men I’ve met have been accidental. No one set me up with anyone, I didn’t go to online dating. I pretty much sat back and went with the flow. Some of my closest friends were because I randomly tweeted a reply to something they’ve said. And I’ve gained some really incredibly friendships because of Twitter.

That’s not to say that life doesn’t require a plan. It’s important to plan for certain things, such as savings or retirement. But when you plan every moment of your life out, you leave no room for spontaneity. And frequently, at least in my life, those wonderful natural spontaneous moments are the truly memorable ones.

You know that feeling, when you have nothing to do in an evening, and you’re free to do whatever you want? Isn’t it just great?

(My blog titles are song titles. Today is “The Go Getter” by the Black Keys)


3 Replies to “The Go Getter…”

  1. As a type A, I get those evenings often, and I always feel the need to be doing something productive. Reading a book, working on a skill, progressing my career, etc. I don’t always do that, but then I feel guilty when I’m doing what I want. I figure it’s because I’m 29 and still without a proper career.

    Must be nice being a type B!

  2. love this post. It’s so true.

    I tend to always come back to planning for some God forsaken reason. It’s been drilled into me for so long and now that I’m becoming a big kid with big kid dreams everything takes time, steps and plans.

    For example: I’ve started working on my own company because like most other people of our generation I want to work for myself. Part of starting my own company means I have to write a business plan. I have to define exactly what I am going to be doing. WTF… really? There are so many things out there that I want to do and learn about that I’m tempted to just write ‘various consulting’ down and see what the ‘business plan people’ think.

    Thanks again .

  3. I’m sort of a type A myself (I create all sorts of projects for myself because I feel guilty when I’m not working) but I can honestly say I’ve never set linear life plans for myself. And I am so so so happy that I haven’t because all the wonderful things that have happened for me in terms of career opportunities, travel, etc. would never have happened if I had been on a timetable.


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