Can You Find A Way…

So I’ve returned to my sorely neglected blog. Many apologies to the handful of you who read it and have been waiting since July (Seriously, JULY? Where did the time go?) for a new post. I still have a few in the queue to be published but I wanted to talk about something that’s currently on my mind.


Not Steve, though I could probably write a blog post on him too. This post is about where you likely spend the majority of your day.

So I had one but I was miserable there. Me being miserable there made my employers miserable with me so we had a mutual break-up (but we’re still friends) a few weeks ago. By luck I met someone on my second last day with Miserable Job, one thing led to the other, and BOOM I have a part time job doing what I love for an organization I love.

And then this week, after I came back from Maui for my sister’s wedding (another future blog post), I got basically offered another job. This one is fulltime and permanent, whereas Job #1 is part time and I’m a contractor (which equals no benefits, sick time, vacation pay, and I have to pay my own taxes). However, Job #2’s duties are not quite the same as Job #1 and I’m worried it might be something I’m awful at (never done this kind of work before) or even get bored with quickly.

So what do I do?

The biggest reason I wanted to leave my old job was because I didn’t love it. I loved certain things about it – flexibility, proximity to my house, etc. – but I didn’t love the job itself. At 26 with no kids (only 2 fur-babies) and no mortgage, now is the only time when I can take huge risks with my career. So shouldn’t I try to find at job I love and am passionate about now, rather than just follow the “how can I make the most money?” route so many others seem to pursue?

I’ve been given two paths. One is taking a risk, and staying at the part time job I already love (obviously finding a second part time job in the meantime) and hoping that after the 3 month trial, it becomes permanent or full time. Two is playing it safe, and taking a different job that is full time and permanent, and may still be one that I grow to love (I don’t want to rule this out).

I know what I want to do but I’m scared.

Have you been in this position before? What choice did you make and why?

(My blog titles are song titles. This one is “Can You Find A Way?” by The Rapture)


6 Replies to “Can You Find A Way…”

  1. When does the 3 month trial end? Is there a chance that the second job will still be available after the other’s trial is over?

    (I don’t have anything else to give you but confusing Google Analytics reports.)

    1. The 3 month trial ends at the end of January, as I only just started at this job. It could either end, maintain status quo, or get better for me – but there’s absolutely no guarantee.

      And there’s likely no chance the second job will still be available.

      This is why I don’t like gambling. WHAT IF I BET ON THE WRONG HORSE DAMMIT?

  2. Do you trust your current boss enough to talk to them about it? They might love you & do whatever they can to keep you. They might say they would take the other job if they were in your position. They might be helpful in listing the pros & cons of wither choice based on their own experience.
    But If you don’t trust your current boss in discussing this with them, then go with your gut; but keep in mind that people don’t usually regret making a change in their education or career; they usually regret NOT making a change when they had the chance.

    1. I definitely am comfortable talking to my current boss. She and the office manager here both talked to me yesterday about trying to find different things for me to do so I can be working full time or at least mostly full time. My part-time job is being funded from a different organization right now, so it’s not as easy as them just increasing my hours. But there are other areas in this organization that needs help and they seemed truly interested in helping me make this work. I feel like that’s a good sign, but because I’m being funded separately, there’s no guarantee that even if my boss likes me, that they can keep me on or increase my hours. Hence my gamble.

  3. Haha – wow, can I ever relate to this post! Except, the difference in my case is that I’m currently in said, “Miserable Job.”

    My boss is a terrible person, my job does not challenge me in the slightest and others take credit my work – yup, it’s GOD awful.

    To top it off, I discovered yesterday that I lost out on my dream job to one other candidate. It pretty much crushed my soul, and now I am seeking any other copywriter positions I can find.

    So Hilary, I say go for what makes you happy! Don’t worry about the risks, because I guarantee they will be worth it in the end. As you say, you’re only young once, and now is definitely the time to be selfish and pursue your dreams.

    Those great jobs don’t come along very often, so you may as well take the rare opportunities as they come.

    Best of luck to you!

    1. Ugh Paige, that sounds awful! I definitely don’t have regrets leaving my last job, and I know you won’t either. I hope you can find something else soon and as I’m hunting for jobs, I’ll keep an eye out for copy-writing ones. Actually, the full time job that I’ve been offered might even work for you, so I can email you more info there once I’ve decided what I’m going to do (take it or keep the part time one). Good luck to you too!

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