Ex Libris – Food Rules

My new job is at an amazing local organization, working with their food delivery program, which supplies high quality locally produced foods to people via coolers delivered on their doorsteps. It’s a fantastic organization and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

On my first day, my boss gave me a book to read. Called “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan, it was a quick read about basic and fairly obvious rules to eating well. It’s not a diet book; it’s just common sense. He broke the book into three different sections: “What Should I Eat”, “What Kind of Food Should I Eat”, and “How Should I Eat”? My Ex Libris quote from it are his answers to these three questions.

“Eat food*. Mostly Plants. Not too much”

*as opposed to Michael’s term of “edible food-like substances”

I do not eat enough plants.


One Reply to “Ex Libris – Food Rules”

  1. I once heard of a little girl who buried her home grown peas in the African Violet which was sitting on the dinner table. I wonder if she is eating enough Plants now …

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