Happy [2nd] Birthday to Meeee….

In keeping with the tradition I started in my first birthday post, I would like to blog-shout the following:


I was writing my last blog post and it occurred to me that I had a birthday coming up – my blog’s birthday. Today is my baby’s second birthday and it’s growing up before my eyes. The fact that I’ve stuck with it for TWO whole years now is incredible to me, because as I stated in the first birthday post, I’m a bit of a magpie. I didn’t post as much as I should have this past year, and I had more than a few month-long gaps between posts. But I’m still using it and still posting sporadically at least, so I still count this as a victory.

My friend writes letters to her human-babies, so I decided to write a love letter to my blog:

Dear My Thoughts Exactly,

It’s hard to believe you’re already two years old! It feels like just yesterday I gave birth to you out of feelings of boredom and loneliness. You were such a great way for me to express my feelings when I felt like I had no human to express them too.

You’ve documented my struggles over the past few years, but also my triumphs. When I write posts for you, I feel as though they’re an extension of myself, and it always feels so wonderful to have my voice out there on the internet. The writing style is a direct reflection of my personality. You’re not perfect, but nothing really is, not even blog posts that one can edit after the fact…

I look forward to next year and the years after that, as you’re always growing and changing in surprisingly wonderful ways.

I love you!

(My blog titles are usually song titles. If you count the Happy Birthday song you sing when people have cake and candles, I guess it is. I’ve also used that song for my first birthday, which also kind of breaks my naming rules too. Oh well.)


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