The New Year…

In keeping with tradition, I review my past year by making a pro and con list of all the things that happened to me in the previous year. This year is no exception, so I present to you my 2011 Pro/Con list, and oh what a year it has been!

1. My best friend, Under Experiment, moved to London for at least a year, but it might end up being longer. I may never live in the same city as her again, which is incredibly sad.

2. My job and I mutually broke up. I wasn’t happy there and they weren’t happy with me.

3. I made a friend in 2010 that ended up causing a ton of problems in my 2011 life. I ended up hurting someone else connected to this former friend, which I regret immensely. Chalk it up to a crucial learning experience about trusting your gut.

I miss taking pictures of you eating, UE!

1. In March, I met a wonderful guy. Amazingly enough, he is just as in love with me as I am with him! Never thought I’d get so lucky 🙂 (and that’s all I’ll say to avoid getting too cheesy!)

2. Unfortunately, #3 in the con list also caused problems between Under Experiment and I. Thankfully, we were able to overcome it and it allowed me to be there for her when she really needed a good friend. She ended up living with me for the summer and it was awesome, because it was right before she moved to London so we got to spend much more time together.

3. I got to travel (somewhere other than Saskatchewan) for the first time in a long time, thanks to #1 in the Pro list. We went to San Francisco and Maui together and it was awesome!

4. I started a new job with an organization I love.

5. I became a volunteer at the Edmonton Humane Society in January, after years of wanting to be one of their cat cuddlers.

6. Completed a bootcamp and a 30-day hot yoga challenge for the first time.

7. No car accidents and no major illnesses!

Photographs of the photographer taking photographs! (Pro #1 of 2011)

Looking back this way helps me see that 2011 was actually kind of a great year. I also have a feeling that 2012 will be even better, with more than a few major Pros coming up that I know about, and some I suspect will happen!

Happy New Year’s!

(My blog titles – even seasonal ones – are song titles. This one is “The New Year” by Death Cab for Cutie.)


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