This is an anniversary post, for not one but TWO anniversaries!

On March 3, I celebrated three years on Twitter. I’ve written a little something every year about my love for Twitter and my feelings still hold strong. I always smugly enjoy when others put down Twitter, calling it a fad or useless, because I know better. For me it has – without exaggeration – changed my life. Since joining Twitter, I’ve made countless friends. I’ve gained skills for my job in public relations, and from that I’ve also found jobs all via Twitter, either via friends I’ve made sending my jobs or just seeing a job posting in my stream. It’s helped me solve questions like “where do you want to eat tonight?” and “what do you want to do this weekend?”.

And Twitter has also helped me meet an incredibly important person in my life.

G and I first met at a tweet-up. We chatted for a few minutes and then he left. I assumed he rejected me so I didn’t think anything of it until a year later, when we saw each other at a pub purely by chance. So we started chatting more on Twitter and playing a few Words With Friends together. Despite me mercilessly and repeatedly kicking his ass, he finally asked me out, with our first date being exactly one year ago. I went to the date fully expecting him to remember that he’d already rejected me, and we’d go our separate ways. But things ended up completely opposite to how I thought… (isn’t that how life tends to work anyway?)

I could write a much longer post on all the ways my boyfriend is amazing, but I doubt any of you would want to read something so schmatlzy. So instead I’ll keep it brief. I am a stronger and happier person with G than I ever have been in my life. He is exactly the guy I needed and his timing in entering my life could not have been better. This past year with him has been truly wonderful and I can hardly wait for what our future holds.

(My blog titles are song titles. This one is “Pleasure” by Blondes.)


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