Everything Goes My Way…

So it’s been a few weeks since my last rage-induced post. I promise this is the calm and collected Hilary writing now. Many things have happened in the past 6+ weeks and I could write a deadly dull post on everything. Instead, I’m just going to update my faithful readers (there are at least 2) by answering my 3 most-commonly-asked questions lately:

Question 1: How was Coachella?
Coachella was amazing. It was disgustingly hot the entire time (+35C at the house most days, and 40C+ on the polo fields). I have never sweat that much in my entire life, including at hot yoga. It was three days of good music and time with friends. My favourite for each day was Amon Tobin on Friday, Radiohead on Saturday (I had to chose between them or Miike Snow, which was incredibly difficult), and Justice on Sunday (close runner-up was Metronomy who I went to the fields for super early, because they’re that awesome). I’d go back again but it’s incredibly expensive, so it kind of prevents me from going to other places like Europe. I’m currently paying for layaway Coachella 2013 tickets, but I might just sell them and go to Spain or Italy next year and find a slightly cheaper music festival to attend. (Feel free to check out photos of the trip here!)

Question 2: Congrats on the new job, how’s it going?
You read that correctly; I have a new job. Which means I made it through an entire period of job-hunting without blogging about it – shocking! (seriously shocking; my very first blog started because I was job hunting). I was in a two-month contract and that ended a few days after Coachella. I applied to two in the same day, then got offered interviews for both on the same day, had the interviews for both on the same day, then got offered the jobs for both on the same day. I certainly felt very special! It was a difficult decision and not so difficult decision; it came down to furthering my career and I’m quite certain I made the right call. I’m learning a ton and really enjoying the job so far, so I’m very happy.

Question 3 (the most commonly asked): How are you feeling lately? Have you had any seizures?
The short answer to this is “good” and “no”. I haven’t had any seizures since the last one in March. I’m still not taking anti-seizure medication, but my point has certainly been proven. If I’d been taking anti-seizure pills, I would have never known that I wouldn’t have any seizures. My biggest hope is that I make it through the next two months without a seizure. I’m not sure what will happen after that. I might have to take medication to be able to drive again, which I will. The hardest part in this experience has been not driving. Without exaggeration, I miss it every single day.

So that’s been my life in a nutshell for the past few weeks. I’ll try to post regularly again, I promise!

(This blog title “Everything Goes My Way” is a Metronomy song. I saw them at Coachella, and the title is pretty accurately reflecting things in my life right now.)


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