Ex Libris – Litographs

A few weeks ago I painted my bathroom. I got a new shower curtain, shower caddy, towels, etc. etc. Not wanting to miss a single thing in this makeover, I also wanted some new art to hang in it. Ask [the internet] and ye shall receive.

I received a Litograph.

Litographs are prints created from the text of classic books. The posters come in two sizes – 18×24 and 24×36 (the entire novel usually fits on the larger of the two) – and colour or black and white. When mine arrived, the first thing I did was unroll it and try to read it, and even in the 18×24, the text is totally legible.

I ordered Emma, which was quite possible the girliest one on the website (I see now they have Pride & Prejudice but I stand by my original choice). New prints are added every week and the prices are very good. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy your favourite novels as art on your walls.

And, if owning a unique piece of book-inspired art wasn’t enough, for every print you buy, Litographs helps send one book to a community in need, through the International Book Bank.

Emma litograph, $29 + $4.99 shipping, from Litographs.com


5 Replies to “Ex Libris – Litographs”

  1. Very interesting. They were so pretty i had to order one for myself for my bedroom! And yes I chose Emma too, over pride and prejudice. But the Alice in Wonderland one was also cute!

    1. You have to look reeeeeeeallly close…the entire poster is made up from the book’s text. The text is then printed in different colours so it shows an image. Go to their website to zoom in on the posters; that was beyond my website coding capabilities.

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