Whoomp! There It Is…

Almost  two months ago, I hit two milestones. Should I have written a blog post about it then? Probably. But there’s no time like the present so…

I passed my 3-month probation at work. So far this job has been the absolute best. I’ve been learning and growing, the organization is one that I believe in and want to see successful, and I’m really really hoping I can stay on past the end of my contract (I’m in a one-year mat leave position).

And the other, slightly more important milestone is…

I have been footloose and seizure-free for 7 months and 27 days.

(If you’re new to my blog, you should probably read The Pills [Will] Help You Now for the whole story.)

The hardest part of the entire experience was not driving for six months, exacerbated by the daily incompetence of Edmonton’s transit service. It got harder and harder to wait, as I got closer and closer to my 6-month anniversary date.

I haven’t had a single seizure. Not the big scary one that started this, and not even the little ones that had me concerned a year prior.

I also never took any anti-seizure pills and I’m incredibly happy I went for that route. My doctors weren’t that encouraging (big shocker there…) but in the end, I can say that I haven’t had seizures and it wasn’t because I was on medication that prevented them from happening.

I had an MRI, which offered no explanations. Thus reinforcing my cynical beliefs that the medical system is more about pushing drugs than diagnosing illnesses. I know everyone’s body is unique, which makes it incredibly complicated for doctors to actually pinpoint obscure things like this, but it’s frustrating when their only solution to that is to make me take 2 pills a day. Had I listened, I would have been medicating myself for no reason. I still think doctors are the experts, but I also think you have to make medical decisions that you are comfortable with, that suit you and your lifestyle.

I may never know what caused my seizures in the first place. I think that might be the more difficult part of the experience. The fact that they could happen again without warning is worrisome. But everyone’s life has some degree of unpredictability  The only way I can find peace of mind is to live mine without regrets and to the absolute fullest, appreciating every single day. Which frankly, is good advice for anyone.

(My blog titles are song titles. This one is the classic “Whoomp! There It Is” by Tag Team. Tag Team, back again, check it and wreck it, let’s begin…)


4 Replies to “Whoomp! There It Is…”

  1. What great news, Hilary! I’m very happy for you 🙂

    Sadly, I can relate to the “pushing drugs” thing. For about two years, I was taking steroid-based medications that were making me feel awful (in every sense). Luckily, my specialist went on stress leave recently, and I was appointed a new one who actually cares about my well-being and favours natural therapy and lifestyle changes over drugs.

    I agree with you – it’s important to find balance between knowing your own body (and what it needs) and taking in the knowledge and advice of doctors. All the best to you, and cheers to good fortune in your health and career!

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