New Year…

Well it’s that time of year again, when I reflect on the passing year. I read over the other three New Year’s Pro/Con lists I’ve made and this year’s Con list was by far the shortest. And it’s about damn time.

2012 Cons:

  1. The great job I had in the fall of 2011 had potential. I was originally hired as a PR person but the job ended up being 90% delivery driving. I offered to help them out on a day they were short and it slowly turned into the majority of my job. Then when I voiced my concerns to the manager, I was told that this wasn’t a corporate job and that I shouldn’t expect to do only one role within the organization. I didn’t like the daily risk of driving a van and making deliveries when I wasn’t even making enough to pay for medical insurance, so I left.
  2. So sadly, in 2012 I experience a few more months of joblessness. In the middle of that was a fun 2-month contract with a local magazine, which I really enjoyed. So at least it was broken up this time. It also didn’t last as long as in previous years.
  3. And finally, my seizure in March. The fact I’ll never know what happened in that hour I was out. The scar on my arm that is a constant reminder that my brain betrayed me.

2012 Pros:

  1. But my seizures didn’t come back. And it’s been almost 10 months without even a partial seizure, and I’m not on any medications to prevent them either. Hopefully, that’s all this will ever be. An unfortunate experience that caused me a few months of anxiety and never comes back again.
  2. After only a month (this time) of unemployment, I got a fantastic new job that was exactly what I needed for my career. Sadly it’s a contract position – one year – so even though I know they like me, I may not get to stay on past the end date.
  3. In 2012 I got to go to Coachella for the first time. I’ve never been so hot or sweaty before (outside of a sauna) but it was so much fun. The only downside is how expensive it is, which kinda prevents travelling anywhere else. We have tickets for 2013 but depending on the line-up, we might end up going to a different festival so we can go on two vacations next year instead.
  4. One thing I’ve been particularly proud of is my increased love of food and cooking. I’ve always been a baker, but a picky palate and child-like hatred of vegetables tended to keep my cooking down to only a few dishes (mostly cheese and carbs). Through G, I’ve discovered a real love for food, my palate has totally expanded and I’ve gotten to be a pretty decent cook. I’m watching for some classes to take to really expand my skills, but even in the past year it’s funny to see the recipes I take on that I would have thought too complicated only a few years earlier.
  5. And finally, everything with G is still wonderful 🙂

Even before I wrote this post, I knew the Pro list would be longer. Despite those few cons, there was a prevailing sense of happiness and contentedness to my life that hasn’t been there for quite some time, or possibly ever since my 20’s started. I go into the new year with a happy heart and more optimism than ever before.

I hope your 2012 treated you well and I wish nothing but good things to you all in 2013.

(My blog titles are song titles. This one is “New Year” by Beach House – one of my favourite artists.)


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