Battle Scars…

A month ago I was getting ready in G’s bathroom in the morning, when I looked down at my scar.

“Have you noticed how much my scar has faded?” I called out, as I walked over to show him.

“Yeah, I noticed yesterday it was looking a lot lighter,” he replied. “That’s good!”

I went back into the bathroom and started brushing my teeth. G came in and kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly. As I tried not to cry.

The scar is fading, but the emotions are definitely still raw.

Confusion. When I initially woke up in my bed, not knowing why I was upstairs, or why my sweater was melted, or why I couldn’t remember anything from the past hour.

Fear. When I silently cried, trying to not wake up my elderly roommate, in my hospital bed after everyone left and I was alone for the first time. I knew I was on the cusp of a turning point but I had no idea what lay before me.

Frustrations. Every time the bus was late or I was late for the bus, because I felt fine and had a car, but just knew I shouldn’t drive because I made I promise I wouldn’t. When I didn’t get answers after medical tests. What I still feel today.

Worry. Almost daily concerns that I may have another one, in public or while driving. And for my future, when I want to have a baby but am terrified that stresses from that major life upheaval will trigger something.

Happiness. For now. Because the scar is fading. And every day I’m seizure-free is another day I can put between me and “that” day.

365 and counting…


(My blog titles are song titles. This is “Battle Scars” by Chemical Brothers, which seems fitting considering I also picked a Chemical Brothers song for my first post about this, here:


2 Replies to “Battle Scars…”

  1. I should not have read this at work. Yes, the emotions are never far away from the surface when I remember that day. The scar is a constant reminder to be thankful for each day and the love in our lives.

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