Frequently in life we face decisions that are forks in the road. We have to spend time reflecting on them and weighing pros and cons of one choice over the other. Then we make a choice and proceed down that path. But do you ever wonder about what your life would have been had you chosen the other route? Would you end up on the same path later on? Would you take a wildly different direction with your life?

I read a lot of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books as a child and I was never satisfied with JUST my adventure. I’d go back and see what would happen if I made different choices, until usually I’d just give up and read the book front to back to learn all the options. Perhaps that’s why at this moment in my life, I’m reflecting on the different choices I’ve made.

I dislike thinking of life experiences in terms of good and bad. I believe – perhaps naively – that everything that happens to me is something I can learn from and grow as a human being. So typically I don’t reflect on the path I didn’t take. I don’t like to spend too much thought or time dwelling on things I cannot change or undo. And it doesn’t change the fact that I’m very satisfied by and happy with the path I’m on.

But today, I just can’t help but wonder.

(How long do I explain this for? My blog titles are song titles. This one is “Daydream” by Youth Lagoon.)


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