Okay, about me. Born and (basically) raised Edmonton (Alberta, Canada). For as long as I could speak, I was writing. That sentence doesn’t make sense, you say? HA! I actually dictated a story to my mom, and I recently found the diary with that story. Let’s just say, there’s a prince AND a princess…

I’ve been blogging sporadically since 2007, had my own Geocities AND Angelfire sites in junior high, and wrote religiously in diaries before that.

I love anything to do with books. Reading and writing are my passion. I do it in my spare time, and I do it for work.

The other thing you should know is that my blog titles are song titles. Partly because I love music almost as much as I love reading/writing, and also because I had writing headlines/titles so using song titles makes that task a whole lot easier.

My blog categories pretty much sum up things in my life that I love. I think the only category I don’t have is a Family & Friends, and given they’re my biggest readers, this whole blog is for them! And the people who follow me on Twitter.

Anything I say on this site is purely my own opinion or observation. But I’m always right. Just keep that in mind. I’m also always sarcastic. While you’re keeping things in mind, you should probably leave that one in the brain bank too.

Is there anything more painful to do than write your own bio? (Rhetorical question, but feel free to comment on more painful situations)